The Biggest Deals from Cabela’s Fall Hunting Classic

Yeah, yeah … we’ve already covered our favorite deals from this sale and the awesome trade-in program attached to it. But, the Cabela’s Fall Hunting Classic ends tomorrow, September 7, there’s still a ton of great gear and some, frankly, incredible discounts to still be found. 

As such, you’ve still got a few more hours to save your money while prepping for opening day. Here are the biggest discounts you can still buy from Cabela’s biggest hunting sale of the year. 

We’ve covered this deal throughout the sale, because SpyPoint’s Link was already one of our favorite trail cams. At almost half-off, we’re scratching our heads as to how there’s still available stock. Both Verizon and AT&T versions are available, and with a .5-second trigger, 80-foot detection range, and simple setup, you’re getting a very solid cellular trail cam.  

We had some fun earlier this year arguing about mechanical vs fixed-blade broadheads. Sadly for our divided staff, and the rest of us, this sale’s only got a few mechanicals at great discounts. Namely, NAP’s 3-Blade Spitfire is at a nice 37% off retail. You get a fancy micro-grooved, low-drag ferrule and snap-locking blade retention system. And the three surgical blades give you the big 1-½” cutting diameter you want from a mechanical. 

With an even more impressive 2-inch cutting diameter, as well as Rage’s HexFlat design and Ferrule Alignment Technology, these might be worth the extra $10 compared to the NAPs. 

This one’s pretty straightforward. A solid 4-16x scope with 44mm objective, a 30mm length, and everything you need to help you make a shot. All at $100 cheaper than retail. 

A Few More Big Deals

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