Some Great Spotting Scopes are On Sale at the Cabela’s Legendary Savings Event

Cablea’s is holding its Legendary Savings Sale, competing with other mid-year sales, and there are some big savings to be had. There are some especially good deals in optics, with two solid spotting scopes at around 50% off. The scopes in question are Cabela’s CX Pro HD and Krotos HD. Both offer similarly great performance, but the CX Pro has more options for magnification, as well as the choice between an angled or straight scope.

The Krotos HD has everything you want from a piece of quality glass. You get premium extra-low dispersion lenses with dielectric-coated prisms. In laymens’ terms: you get A LOT less color fringing, and the colors you do see are nice and high-contrast. Ultrawide-band lens coatings increase light transmission in lower-light environments. And, the rubber-armored magnesium-alloy body is lighter than competing scopes made of aluminum or plastic. 

With the Krotos, you can get a 65mm objective lens with 15-45x magnification, or a 86mm lens with 20-60x magnification.

Truthfully, the CX Pro HD is a lot of the same, in regards to the Krotos. The big benefit, however, is that Cabela’s sells these in angled versions—a life-saver if you can’t get your glass to eye level on a tripod. This spotter is available in 15-45x with a 65mm lens (angled or straight) and 20-60x with an 85mm lens (angled only).

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