How Mayfly Outdoors grew and thrived in Montrose

Mayfly Corporate Headquarters in Montrose, Colorado

When asked how his successful outdoor manufacturing company Mayfly Outdoors came to be, founder David Dragoo is both direct and coy.

“I just filled out the form with the secretary of state,” Dragoo said.

Dragoo and Mayfly have made their names turning around businesses in the outdoor industry.

Mayfly started off with 17 employees at its inception but has increased to about 125. It has been named one of Colorado’s top privately-owned companies and one of Colorado’s top family-owned companies by ColoradoBiz, along with a host of other awards.

“We didn’t know how big it would get,” Dragoo said.

There are three companies under Mayfly: Abel, Ross Reels, and Airflo.

LINK (via The Daily Sentinal)

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