Woman Catches Personal Best Fish on Wedding Night

A Texas bride visited a local pier with her new husband on her wedding day and hauled in a 50-pound black drum while still dressed in white. Eliot Waggoner Granville and Earnie Granville, of San Antonio, were married May 22 in a Port Aransas ceremony officiated by Eliot’s mother. As the reception was winding down, the newlyweds decided to keep the celebration going—by wetting a line at a nearby pier. After a few minutes of losing her bait to fish, Eliot finally got a solid bite. 

“I set the hook, and then I started reeling it in,” Granville told Fox 7 News. “At first I thought that maybe I was stuck on something on the bottom because the fish was so large—I’ve never caught a fish that large.” 

After fighting the drum for 10 to 15 minutes, Eliot realized she had hooked into a massive fish and sent her husband to get a net from some nearby anglers. They helped her haul the drum onto the pier and hold it up so the bride could pose for a few more wedding day photos before releasing the fish back into the water.

Photographs clearly show the bride with a spinning rod in hand, clad in a formal white dress and veil. She was undoubtedly the most sharp-dressed angler on the pier that night. Granville says she started fishing as a kid. After her father—who loved to fish—passed away last year, fishing became a way for her to feel closer to him. She says this made catching the whopper black drum on her wedding day even more meaningful. 

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“Other people had been there for a long time and didn’t catch anything, so I feel like it was Dad watching over me and sending me a little—or big—wedding gift,” Granville told the Corpus Christi Caller.

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